Starting with modelling chocolate

Modelling chocolate is a great alternative to sugarpaste (fondant, gumpaste), better yet it tastes like chocolate and whatever fondant can do modelling chocolate can do better. Modelling chocolate is a mixture of chocolate (we like . . . Learn more



250 g whipping cream Boil. Cool slightly. 250 g Callebaut® dark chocolate 811NV Pour onto Dark Chocolate Callets™. Stir together. Allow to set.



230 g soft butter 200 g icing sugar Mix until everything is blended. 685 g white chocolate Callebaut® Select W2NV 1/2 lemon juice Add the melted chocolate and gradually add the lemon juice. Mix at high speed till fluffy. Callebaut® chocolate pencils Rubens CHD-PC-13989 Spread a large dollop of filling on the lower half of the whoopie and place the upper part on top. Decorate with a chocolate pencil.



110 ml egg whites 65 g caster sugar Whisk together. 225 g softened unsalted butter Bring to soft boil. Pour onto egg whites while whisking. Allow to cool. 400 g Callebaut® white chocolate W2NV Melt and leave to cool. Add to meringue when cold. 100 g caster sugar 1 tbsp lemon zest Mix in too.



150g cream 150g full-cream milk 30g fresh butter 80g glucose Bring to the boil 675g Callebaut caramel Callets Pour the cream mixture onto the callets, allow them to melt and mix 675g Grand Marnier Add . . . Learn more



100g cream Heat 100g Callebaut Callets Orange, Strawberry, Lemon or Caramel Add to the cream and leave to melt 20g butter Add to the mixture. Serve immediately



150g Callebaut caramel Callets 100g rice pops Melt the chocolate and mix with the rice pops. Leave to harden in the freezer. Break the pops again into grains 125g Callebaut honey Callets 1L ice cream . . . Learn more



300g cream 60g glucose Bring to the boil. 1000g Callebaut Honey Callets Melt in the cream mixture, mix well and leave to cool down to 35°C. 70g butter (at room temperature) Mix into the cooled . . . Learn more



125g butter (at room temperature) Beat until light and frothy. 250g Callebaut Honey callets Melt, leave to cool to around 35°C and mix with the butter. Beat until you have a stiff and light mixture. Pipe out into truffle shapes and leave to set overnight. Dark chocolate Callebaut Intense 60-40 Temper. Dip the truffle filling into the chocolate and roll in chocolate shavings.



200 g whipping cream Boil. Cool slightly. 250 g Callebaut® strawberry flavoured Callets™ Pour the cream onto the Callets™. Stir together. Allow to set. Aerate the Strawberry ganache to piping consistency.