Strawberry Raw Cheesecake

Raw cheesecake

Makes 5
100g mixed nuts
75g dates
1/2tbsp cocoa
400g cashews soaked in water overnight or boiling water for about two hours
3tbsp maple syrup
1/4 cup rice milk
3/4cup coconut oil melted
6g freezedried strawberries and some for decorating
To make the base
1. Place the base ingredients in a food processor and pulse until you get a coarse mix.
2. Press into five 5 cm in diameter and 6 cm tall tins
3. Refrigerate
To make the filling
1. Place all the ingredients except the coconut oil into a powerfull blender and blend for a good while until the mix is creamy.
2. Gradually add the coconut oil while blending. The mix needs to be very creamy now.
3. Divide between the 5 cake moulds and freeze until set, preferably overnight.
To serve
Take out and let stand for about ten minutes before pushing them out with the pusher that comes with the moulds.
Decorate with the remaining strawberries and let defrost for about two hours in the fridge before serving.
Recipe and photo credit to Maryles Plantry