Starting with modelling chocolate

Modelling chocolate is a great alternative to sugarpaste (fondant, gumpaste), better yet it tastes like chocolate and whatever fondant can do modelling chocolate can do better.

Modelling chocolate is a mixture of chocolate (we like good Belgian chocolate) and glucose syrup which makes the chocolate pliable, edible “playdough” like paste used for covering cakes, making exquisite flowers, beautiful cake decorations and figurines.

Vera Miklas modelling chocolate is ready to use, no melting or tempering is required.

With a little effort you can make your decorations by using moulds which is very handy when you need to decorate lots of cakes or cupcakes. Just push it into a mould, pop it out and there you go. Straight onto your cake. They will also keep for a good while in a sealed container. Remember the air is not the modelling chocolate enemy, it is the heat. So keep you decorations away from the direct heat and sun.

Using modelling chocolate makes any chocolate project more fun.

Let’s get started:

Pinch a little bit of modelling chocolate and start by softening the chocolate in your hands. You can also pop it into a microwave for 3-5 seconds. Do not leave it in microwave for too long as it will melt, will become too oily and you won’t be able to work with it.
Do not panic if it is too sticky or oily, just leave it to cool on your table or in the fridge and then kneed all the cocoa butter into the chocolate and leave to rest for another while.

If your hands are too warm and the chocolate is sticking to them, place your hands into a cold water or had a bag of ice nearby to cool them down.  Just make sure you dry your hands completely before you start to work with the chocolate again

Whatever you do start with making a nice ball that you can roll to make sausage, shape it with your fingers, flatten it, cut it with cutters or use moulds.

Use any tools to mark your decorations (sugarcraft tools, kitchen knife, spoon…)

You don’t need any glue for attaching parts together if you do it as you make it. If it is too dry and it doesn’t stick then use a dab of clean water. If you are sticking bigger parts then you will need a little bit of melted chocolate.

You can colour your white modelling chocolate with gel colours (they are the colours used for colouring sugarpaste). Kneed the colour into a chocolate and leave it to rest for a while as it will become softer than we usually need.
You can also make all your decorations in white and then dust them with powder colours or paint them (powder colours & alcohol).

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You can also use coloured cocoa butter for painting or Lustre sprays, they are available in lots of nice colours and both add a really nice shine.

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