Vera Miklas - Frequently Asked Questions

What is freeze dried fruit (FDF) and how it’s made?

FDF is delicious dried fruit picked at peak and frozen immediately (-20- -50dgrC). The fruit is then dried by reducing the pressure and warming in a vacuum which means the ice sublimes (changes into the gas) avoiding a liquid stage and without destroying the fruits physical appearance, flavour and mostly important without destroying the fruits nutrients. 

95% of moisture is removed from the fruit which makes the fruit crispy. Once exposed to the air and moisture the fruit will become soft.  This process is also called lyophilisation.

Freeze dried or fresh?

We all know fresh fruit is best especially when it’s in season and it comes from your own garden or a local farm and has not travelled a long distances. Fresh fruit travelling long distance is picked before fully ripened, ripening on the way to consumers and gradually losing the important nutrients. FDF is frozen at its peak which means the nutrients and flavour are locked in straight away. 

Benefits of FDF:

    • Long shelf life – at the present the shelf life is 3 months as we sell the fruit in cello bags so customers can see the fruit. We are working on new packaging that is recyclable, biogradable and also hold the shelf life for more than 3 months. We recommend moving the fruit after purchase into airtight container (preserving jars), keeping it bellow 20dgrC and if you limit to minimum the air exposure the fruit will last way beyond the stated shelf life.
    • No need to refrigerate. Stored in an airtight container will last for weeks in your pantry saving space in your fridge, freezer
    • Convenient – no washing, peeling, chopping, ready to use any time
      95% of nutrients are preserved
    • Snacking on FDF is much healthier than snacking on sweets, chocolate bars, chips…Especially if served with nuts and seeds
    • Limits food waste
    • Light – easily portable

How much to take daily?

Following the food pyramid we should have 5-7 servings of vegetables/salad/fruit a day to maintain our good health as they provide important fiber, vitamins and minerals.

In grams it means about 400g of fresh fruit/vegetables.

100g of freeze dried fruit is made from 600g – 1000g of fresh fruit.

It means if you want to eat 400g of fresh fruit a day you could swap it for 10-16g freeze dried per 1 portion (40-64g per day)

What about the sugar?

Freeze dried fruit contains only natural sugar (sugar of the fruit), there is no sugar added to the fruit while freeze drying the fruit.

It’s very easy to eat a lot of freeze dried fruit as it is so delicious. So if you are watching your sugar intake we would recommend not to nibble on the fruit directly from the bag but measure the fruit (as above)

Where is the fruit coming from?

Serbia, Poland, Germany, China, France, Peru, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Philippines, South-Africa, Ukraine, Macedonia

Where is the fruit processed?


What can I use the fruit for?

    • Breakfast toppings – porridge, yogurt, cereal, granola
    • Trail mix – fruit, nuts and seeds, dark chocolate buttons
    • Lunchboxes – school, work
    • On the go snacks for all ages, after exercise
    • Baking – cakes, buttercream, muffins, bars, tarts, meringues, macarons
    • Energy balls
    • Marinades
    • Cold drinks – alcohol, non-alcoholic
    • Fruit teas
    • Smoothies – add cup of water and cup of ice, blend
    • Savoury dishes, salads toppings

What is difference between freeze dried fruit and dehydrated fruit?

Freeze dried fruit – 95% nutrients are preserved, no additives, no preservatives, no added sugar

Dehydrated fruit – up to 50% of nutrients can be lost due to the heat process, added sugar and preservatives

How to store freeze dried fruit?

The best way to store the fruit is in an airtight container below 20dgr C in the kitchen or in the fridge.

How much powder to add to cake butter and buttercream?

It is best to follow a recipe that has been tried and tested.

Feedback from our customer:

“Usual recipe for 8” cake – 3 tbsp of strawberry powder minus 1 tbsp of dry cake ingredients

Buttercream: start with 1 tbsp of powder and add more if you need stronger flavour”

Can I use freeze dried fruit to make my own skincare?

Yes you can make your own simple wholefood products without preservatives and added fragrance  

    • Strawberry skin scrub
    • Face masks
    • Cleanser 

Why are some fruit in cello bags and some in the foil?

You can buy our fruit in cello bags in your local shop but when ordered from our website it will come in silver foil for extra delivery protection. If you prefer cello bags please let us know when ordering.